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“Star of the Week” Starts Soon!

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Hello Everyone,

It has been a little while. I hope everyone found their December break relaxing and fun! Now that we are back in our first full week of school in 2019, interesting weather in all, we’re getting ready to start celebrating our “Star of the Week.”

Each child will randomly be selected to be the “Star of the Week” starting the week of January 14th and continuing on until all 18 students have had a turn. You’ll have to help them fill out their “favorite things” sheet. They can bring in a few family pictures, a show and tell item, and a fluffy friend to share with the class. Each person in the class will write them a letter too. These will go in a book along with their favorite things sheet for them to take home as a memento at the end of the week on Friday.

When your child has been picked, you will receive a letter home on a Friday with all of the details. It’s a fun and exciting thing for them to look forward to each week!

Thank You,

Mrs. Sturgis

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