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100th Day Fun!

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We had many challenges and treats throughout the day yesterday. In the morning, students listened to The 100th Day Project and I Count 100 Things on Raz-Kids, were challenged to write 100 words, and heard Hettie’s 100 Hats while coloring in reading groups. We colored a special pair of 100 shaped glasses and dumped our baggies of 100 snack items into a bowl for trail mix. When we returned from recess, we enjoyed 2 mini strawberry donuts that helped make 100 on our paper plates and a 100th day certificate.

In math, students worked together in small groups to make a chain link out of 100 numbered paper strips that weren’t in order. They were also challenged to fill in the missing numbers on a 100 number grid and add 100 stickers to a blank number grid in less than 20 minutes. We read a special issue of Scholastic News with baby hippos that can weigh 100 pounds and watched a short video of a dolphin that can have 100 or so teeth. At the end of the day we enjoyed some delicious trail mix. It was a super fun and very exciting 100th day of school!

Mrs. Sturgis


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