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Family Math Night!

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I hope everyone has seen the flyer for our upcoming Family Math Night on Friday, January 29th. Students will be able to play different math games with other students that evening. All the games can be played with dice or a deck of cards from our Everyday Math program.

Each family will get to take home a pair of dice, a deck of the special cards, game directions, and score sheets. Also, before you leave, each child will get to choose a math themed story book to take home.

It’s going to be lots of fun! If you’re interested in attending, we’d like the form sent back to school in advance. (See a copy of the flyer below.) This will help us with the planning process and the number of students to expect. However, you can attend even if you have not sent the form.

I hope to see you all there for the fun and games!

Thank You,

Mrs. Sturgis

Family Math Night Flyer

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