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Science Fun

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Because we only have two 40 minute periods a week to cover Science and Social Studies, we will switch back and forth between the two areas throughout the year. Our first target area in Science will fall under heredity and reproduction by learning about the life cycle of honeybees.  We are using our read aloud time to help us gain and retain as much information as possible. We started to learn a little about this process with our Monarch butterfly stories from the week before too. Since we only had 3 days of school last week and will have 4 days this week, our read alouds will continue to be about honeybees this week.

The honeybee is the Maine state insect, so I thought it would be interesting to use it for this learning target. We have also added a new reading team with that name to go along with our other four teams: moose, landlocked salmons, chickadees, and coon cats.

This week we will watch an interesting video about honeybees, and our morning seat work will also have a honeybee theme while working with words, sentences, and poems.

Mrs. Sturgis

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