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We have been learning about butterflies this week with our read aloud titles, poems, seat work, and sing-alongs. We have read both fiction and non-fiction books that have been mostly focussed on the Monarch butterfly. A catchy YouTube song about metamorphosis can be heard by clicking into the following link:

You can see if your child can tell you some of the facts about Monarchs that we have heard throughout the week such as: an egg turns into a caterpillar, then to a chrysalis or cocoon, and finally into a butterfly; they lay their eggs on milkweed plants; the caterpillars eat milkweed plants to grow big enough to shed their skin 4 or 5 times before they transform into a chrysalis; when the chrysalis splits open out comes a Monarch butterfly; when the wings are dry, they can fly away; and around this time of year, the Monarchs fly south to Mexico.

Mrs. Sturgis

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