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This week’s Math activities

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We have been doing some fun Math activities this week with manipulatives. On Monday, we used colored foam shapes and a sorting mat to sort and count them. First, they sorted by colors and used their desk plates to help them spell the color names in the heading box. Then, they sorted by shapes and traced one of each shape in the heading box. Some also got to sort by curvy outlines or straight lines. On Tuesday, we had 5 math stations and 5 teams of 3 students. There were 2 number puzzles, 1 shape puzzle, # cards from 1-50 to put in order, and large 2 piece puzzles that only connected if the right quantity picture matched the right number. This was a great math activity that also tied in team work skills (many students had difficulties taking turns and sharing in the work). The students loved it and found it both challenging and fun!

On Wednesday, they each had a cup of dominoes and had to put the dots on each half of the domino onto a blank worksheet. Then, they counted up all of the dots to solve the equation. Thursday we were on our field-trip, which I hope to add a few pictures of soon. On Friday, we went back to the sorting mats and used a cup of magnetic letters. They sorted them by color first. Then, they sorted by curvy, straight lines, or both. Some students also got to sort by letters in their first name or not in their first name.

Mrs. Sturgis

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