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A new week!

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The class did a wonderful job today getting back into our newly learned routines from last week. Almost everyone earned a star on our “rising stars” sticker chart for good behavior. They listened to chapters 4 and 5 in Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade. We added the word “boys” to our word wall underneath our “nouns” column. We talked about the strategy of using pictures to see if the words match when we are stuck on a word. We also listened to Chicken Little on cd during “listen to reading” time. After lunch during community meeting we sang and danced to “The Hokey Pokey.” We started Math with a read aloud from Count on Clifford. We have been talking about numbers that come before and after. Some students are still having trouble with the difference. We looked on the number line to see that numbers before are to the left and numbers after are to the right. They did a practice worksheet to help with this concept.

Then, students went to music class. During “writers’ workshop” they finished up their “all about me” papers. These will be on display in the classroom to see at our open house next Tuesday. They could use their desk plates to help with the spelling of some words like colors and other words they had to listen for all the letter sounds they could hear when they said it out loud. If you have any trouble reading something on their sheet, make sure to have them read it to you. They should all know what they were trying to say. Tomorrow, we will have Art.

Mrs. Sturgis

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