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1st Day of School!

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Well, we made it through the first day of first grade. I have a wonderful group of kiddos. We talked about some of our daily routines today including lunch choices, taking care of backpacks, putting papers in our mailboxes, word walls, read a-louds, and so much more. We read Is Your Mama a Llama?, Counting Our Way to Maine, and Apple Farmer Annie today in class. We also visited and talked about how to use our classroom library. 

In Math class, we reviewed our number line on the ceiling and added our first straw to our cups for counting up to our 100th day of school. We also talked about thermometers and how to read and record the temperature. Right before Art we did a group counting project. On our class clothesline students clipped their number cards up in order from 1-30. They were all excited to use the clothesline. 

I’m very excited to see how much fun day two will be!

Mrs. Sturgis

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